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Apr 10, 2015 · 3 min read

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Not long ago I launched an idea called Triadic Philosophy. It is summarized in Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms available at the Kindle Store.. It grew into several more books. Binary Games is a chapter in a successor work in progress called “The Collapse of Leadership”.


The purpose of this short, unsweet book is to deconstruct leadership. It does so by indicating the actual status of expressions and actions on a scale in which the gateway to evil is composed of two values — thoughtlessness and selfishness.

I wish to deconstruct leadership with reference to Senator Cruz who is, as I write, a candidate for the Presidency on the Republican side. I have posted a photo of Mr. Cruz which suggests that he has an obligation of $24 billion to the American people resulting from his almost single-handed achievement of a government shutdown. The shutdown cost the country that much in revenue and other losses. It is not known how many injuries or killings resulted.

Mr. Cruz could be faulted on other grounds. He has practiced sweeping condemnation of his academic mentors at Harvard, using the very language Joe McCarthy once employed to his profound discredit during the 1950s. I had occasion to see Joe McCarthy censured on the floor of the Senate in 1954.

It is a testimony to the sadness of the present time that it would be hard to imagine Cruz suffering censure though his acts deserve it.

We now have a media that is binary to the core. It does not evaluate good and evil, or even decency. It simply divides sides by two. Cruz is the leader of a side, not the perpetrator of a crime that exceeds by a long shot any robbery for which anyone in the world now serves prison time.

We do not have any recourse save the powers of expression. Our news channels are currently poisoned by FOX which tells lies as a matter of course. Established news outlets like the New York Times divide everything in two and call the result a debate, even when facts are undebatable. As with Iraq so with Cruz.

Selfishness is a gateway to evil. Nowhere is selfishness more celebrated than in the precincts of our celebrity culture. This involves an acceptance of luxury, an idolization of money and a distortion of what celebrity is. The complicity of the NYT in the perpetuation of this idolatry may help explain its binary posture, relieved only somewhat by the offerings of a columnist or an editorial writer.

Politics blends with celebrity culture. All operate on the idea that if a million or ten million or even fifty million resonate to someone’s acts or expressions, that someone is worth worth money and exposure.

But even a million or so sales or likes or other evidences of fame are a drop in the bucket of global perception. Only a handful at any time have global renown. The rest are local celebrities.

But we act as though they are the global standard. It is all a show. It cannot be taken seriously. And most know this.

Most should know that Ted Cruz on any fair measure of evaluation belongs in jail. Why? By our fruits we are known. Actions and expressions tell.

Selfishness is todays most telling evidence of the collapse of leadership. Its fruits are everywhere evident.

Leadership based on selfishness deserves to collapse.


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Stephen C. Rose

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