The Ongoing and Forthcoming Global Democratic Revolution

Stephen C. Rose
Dec 20, 2014 · 2 min read

The main thing to know about the forthcoming global democratic revolution is that it will differ from anything that has yet occurred.

By and large it will be peaceful. It will not need to huge demonstrations.

It will be a message revolution created by the capacity of social networks to filter things to their essence and then to make their message clear to millions and then billions.

It will be based not on agendas but values — explicitly tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry — the latter creating a global skepticism and iconoclasm toward anything that pretends or claims to have THE answer.

And now the part about the fact that it has never before occurred. We are at a point where universality is here. I have a modest 190k Twitter followers from everywhere. I may be replying to something and realize that the tweet I am addressing came from somewhere in Nigeria. It makes no difference. Markets are universal. So is the spread of ideas.

What has never occurred is a situation where it was not merely possible but necessary to build a world from the bottom up. When there is real democracy it is face to face and it swiftly learns to value every talent in the room. The unprecedented collapse of all past premises regarding economics, ecology and the spiritual basis of life itself creates the opportunity for persons to say what kind of world they want. And get it.

We are talking about a nudge to the makeup of everyone on earth, a universal sea change.

In Egypt we got excited about replacing a regime. No more. Instead get excited by living in ways that we want to live and extracting ourselves from a sense that we are controlled by others. We only are if we accept such control. Finally is is us that all these controlling institutions and businesses need to even exist. We are flipping the world as we speak.

Build on the mentioned values. The new world will come.

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    Stephen C. Rose

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