Stephen C. Rose
Dec 1, 2014 · 2 min read

Something impelled me to type this title in CAPS. I guess it is because I feel strongly about the subject. As the gap between rich and the rest of us increases, nothing is more illustrative than the vignette to which I am responding.

The art world is not the be and end-all of art or the aesthetic. Those terms apply to every human being on the planet. Performance is a description of our actions. It is art. We are artful. Aesthetics is a quality from ugly to sublime and it applies to every manifestation static or moving on the planet and beyond.

The “art world” of museums and galleries is a distortion of the universal scope of art and aesthetics.

And we are, I believe, on the cusp of seeing this distortion corrected. More and more people are expressing themselves in the conventional ways that have been the province of “artists” and the results, while they may not reach the level of a Mattise or Roualt, are nevertheless evocative. More and more, through the omnipresent camera eye, are composing and learning to compose. The phrases — Beauty is truth. Truth is beauty. —are becoming common knowledge.

Art is in the senses. The eye. The ear. The smell. Etc. Reality is all. Ethics is that through which we strain the real. And the final stop on the way to manifestation is the Aesthetic. That is, I believe, our future. It bodes well for art that does not decorate the walls of those for whom art is merely a badge of exclusion.

    Stephen C. Rose

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