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Not long ago I launched an idea called Triadic Philosophy. It is summarized in Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms available at the Kindle Store.. It grew into several more books. “Cybercommunity — A Handbook” seeks to lay out a community concept based on the values of tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry, integral and car-free.

Cybercommunities will be car free. This means that it will not have any vehicular traffic with one exception. Some yet-to-be-articulated wheeled device will serve a major function and will be associated with each “town hall” of which there are four per “block”.

We deliver, carry the ill, carry light modular elements and are alert to things.

Each Town Hall node will have elevators that can accommodate all delivery needs. Recall that we are talking about modular elements that can be mass-produced and delivered anywhere. Think of them as the bricks of the future, though they will have dimensions up to, let’s say, 8' by 10'.

The cars, or whatever vehicles exist when these cities come into being, will be kept in on the ground level beneath the city. That space will contain all the nuts and bolts needed to make the city as self-sufficient and eco-competent as possible.

If cybercommunties become the norm, then the evolution will look like this:

Only these will be cybercommunities with space between them that can be traversed on foot with relative ease. But I envision that on the ground floor or below it will be pneumatic means of transport — peashooters — that can carry us from community to community. Imagine the spaces above separated by miles. Transport could well involve the use of existing roads and the employment of both private and public vehicles.

This handbook is meant to accompany Planning and Designing a Good Future: What to Strive for and What to Avoid

Stephen C. Rose

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