Writing By Hand Will Survive

Stephen C. Rose
Dec 3, 2014 · 1 min read

I am laughing, or chuckling, out loud. The result of cyber is already coaching. A contemporary way to put on airs. Almost as prevalent as writing best sellers.

Look. I have been on a keyboard since I bought my first computer in 1981. Wouldn’t go back for a nanosecond. But before that I wrote like a madman in spiral notebooks. And at times I continue to do so.

The fact is that cyber means that everything, and I mean everything, will adapt to this reality, just as everything adapted to the car.

And the result will be and is a mixed bag in which no binary observations will have much staying power. Each cyber development will spawn new professions and new avalanches of coaching.

Not only will writing by hand survive. It will flourish. Flourishes will return unseen since their obsolescence following the Elizabethan Age. There will be software that will translate this text into messy script.

I love the way we jump to conclusions. There should be a metric for it.

    Stephen C. Rose

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