There is no “technology industry”
Anil Dash

Thank you, Anil, for challenging lazy thinking! When tech is an excuse for not thinking through other essential issues critical to creating a successful business, that can hurt. Would you also say that technology has revolutionized business in ways that were inconceivable 25 years ago? When i think of how “tech” has inspired more fresh ways to think about distribution, marketing, product development and even business development than anything we have ever seen, that is a powerful notion! There are now more than 1M apps available to mobile device owners, more businesses that can be operated virtually, and even more jobs that did not exist 20 years ago than perhaps ever in our lifetimes, and the growth of technology as a tool for re-inventing other business categories is probably more responsible for that than anything else. In sum, props for challenging lazy thinking, and aren’t we all fortunate to live in an era with fewer limits and more opportunity to make a global impact in a shorter period of time than perhaps ever?

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