book by Scott Kupor

This book was one of the most informative books that I read this year. The information that Scott Kupor provides goes a long way to balancing out the information discrepancy between VCs and entrepreneurs.

The book taught me a great deal about the complexity of raising…

I am a big believer in the ROI of spending a little time every day optimizing my work habits. I recently installed the Chrome/Chromium extension Quick Tabs.

I usually have 50+ tabs open in my web browser. Finding a specific tab that I want to switch takes longer than I want. This extension lets me fuzzy search for the tab I want.

Searching for a active/recent tab

After installing the extension I had to set up the keyboard shortcut that opens the extension’s UI. This can be done at: chrome://extensions/shortcuts. I configured my browser to use Alt-A.

I really like that this extension is open source on Github.

Book by: Patrick M. Lencioni

This book tells a story about a fictional organization where the CEO was recently replaced. The new CEO observes many behaviors associated with unhealthy team dynamics. The CEO then leads several offsites to tackle these problems head-on. Members of the executive team are pushed, some…

In my time as a Rails developer at Cisco Meraki, we built many API endpoints that could return 10–100 MB of data. A naive approach would be to construct the JSON response in a controller and attempt to render that. Depending on the response size this could result in an…

Stephen Demjanenko

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