Game Drive at Mokolodi

Today I had the chance to go on a game drive or safari at Mokolodi. This is a very rural area about 30 minutes outside of Gaborone. There is a wildlife reservation, similar to the Massachussetts Audobon Societies. A game drive is a ride through the reservation with a knowledgable guide. Yufei, Karabo (my exchange partners from MAP), 12 others and I are loaded into an open van with bench seating.

The safari lasts around 2 hours. During this time, I was able to see many impalas, kudos, zebras, giraffes, wild boar, baboons, snakes, vultures, tortoises, and an ostrich. I learned the zebra is the national animal of Botswana for two reasons. The first, the pattern formed by the zebra’s stripes resembles a diamond, one of Bot’s main exports. The second reason is the colors of the animal. The black and white together represents the unity of races living together in Botswana.

Baboons climbing a tree
Male bab00n
Wild Boar
Younger female giraffes
Older male giraffe
Male kudo
Our safari leader and a male leopard tortoise
Female Kudo
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