There Are Seven Days in One Week and Someday is Not One of Them

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Dreams, ambitions, goals or however else you wish to label it starts with that first step. Then another step must follow immediately and another step after that. You may trip over numerous obstacles, and everyone does, but you must not let that give you a convenient excuse to stop.

Progress is a lot like what Winston Churchill once said, “Success is going from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

You must go on. If you ever wish to become a better writer, singer, coach, athlete or anything else in life you must never stop.

Am I Gary Vaynerchuk in disguise?

No. Though I have read his New York Times bestseller, “Crushing It,” which talks about people just like you and me who were scared, had obligations, were told that they were being foolish or immature but persisted.

They refused to stop and ultimately reaped the rewards of unyielding hard work. If there’s one recurring theme, in Vaynerchuk’s book, it’s that the only thing stopping you from achieving lasting career and happiness in life, is you.

What’s this, another ‘rah-rah’ post?

Well, yes if you understand that motivation is always needed, on a daily basis for most.

It’s motivational because most of us need constant motivation. There are rare exceptions who seem to come from another galaxy (Jeff Bezos, Lionel Messi). But most of us are human and like all humans we make constant mistakes.

In fact, that’s what defines us, our mistakes. Think about it. Without mistakes and obstacles success would not feel that remarkable. It would feel a lot like watching paint dry.

Our mistakes give meaning to achievement. If everyone could be the class valedictorian it would hold no value. If we were all millionaires then becoming a millionaire would be a ho-hum pursuit.

If you want to succeed you will and if you want to quit, cop-out and lose you will always find an excuse. In closing I’d like to share another cliche, “A pessimist is someone who finds a problem for every solution.”

Maybe you don’t like cliches, motivational blurbs or rah-rah types but at least they help to push us toward achievement, to keep fighting for what we believe in. That in the end, we will simply refuse to quit.

How about you?