Esports Player Resources Center (PRC) Launch — Need your help!

TL;DR: Even though the esports industry is maturing, players are still in a vulnerable position. Players frequently sign contracts with no consultation or understanding of the implications. They also lack the necessary support network to grow their careers and succeed whenever they choose to retire.

We’re hoping to address these issues by launching a not-for-profit Esports Player Resources Center ( — currently web form placeholder) that will hopefully become the go to place for any aspiring or current pro players to understand the different facets of the industry and various areas that will impact their careers. We are seeking extensive volunteer support to get this project off the ground and operate in the years to come (see more details below).

Esports PRC is not sponsored by or affiliated with any company, team, or game publisher. There’s no business plan, no commission, and no fundraising campaign. It’s also not a player’s union. Our goal is simply to establish a one-stop shop for players to have access to basic, but crucial career resources.

The Problem: Becoming a pro esports player is an overwhelming process. This type of career is so new, and resources to help navigate the space are so sparse, that even veteran players often lack the knowledge and support to protect their interests, understand their value, and capitalize on their opportunity. While the world is filled with professionals in all areas who are passionate esports fans willing to devote their time and knowhow to improve the esports ecosystem, accessing these willing and capable people is still a challenge.

The Solution: We intend to build the first ever platform for any aspiring or current pro players to obtain pertinent information and seek advice on the most pivotal choices impacting their careers. The Esports Player Resources Center ( will provide service providers and curated content in every area, including the law, finances, psychology, branding, and anything else the community (or players) deems appropriate.

Next Steps: We realize that this is an ambitious project, and **there is no way we can pull this off on our own**. We’ve already begun reaching out to key members of this and every other esports community, but the ultimate success of this endeavor will depend on the support and generosity of professionals who are passionate about the future of esports. As such, we’re asking for volunteer support from every esports community — both in launching and running the site, and in providing services to the players.

Do you want to help out? Awesome!

We need help building the site and running the PRC. Here’s what we’re looking for in DEVELOPMENT:

- Web Developers

- Designers

- Management

- Content/Social Media Experts

We also need professional service providers willing to offer their time to help players navigate the intricacies of their careers once the site launches. We envision these people will offer a minimum of two hours a week (PRO BONO) to answer questions and consult with players regarding their field. Beyond these pro bono consultations, players may retain any service provider through their respective businesses in a paid capacity (the PRC will not be involved at this stage). Here’s the categories we think we’ll need for SERVICE PROVIDERS:

- Lawyers

- Accountants

- Financial Advisors

- Sports Psychologists

- Branding/PR Experts

- Ex Pro Players

- Experienced Esports Staff Members

The Application Process

There is a web form available on the landing page of Anyone interested in volunteering **must fill this form out completely**, otherwise you will not be considered. We anticipate selecting 5–10 people to help manage this process, including interviewing the strongest candidates. We also expect a high volume of responses, so please don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from someone immediately.

Our Background: Stephen (@snoopeh) and Bryce (@esportslaw) have been heavily involved in the esports industry for many years. Stephen was a successful pro League of Legends player who has now transitioned into the business side of the industry. Bryce built the first ever esports-focused legal practice, ultimately founding IME Law, and works at Unikrn as the Director of Esports. We’ve both been passionate about player issues for years, and are excited to get this project off the ground with your support.

Feedback Welcome: We’ve spent a lot of time developing this concept, but this project will only function if it is community-driven. We will be actively monitoring this thread, responding to questions/comments, and taking note of any suggestions. We’ll also be using the @EsportsPRC Twitter account to keep people updated on our progress. Any and all feedback welcome!