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To my. knowledge. the March for Life has always been about the right of the fetus as she dismissively calls “it” to life. The future doctor seems angry the people marching are not also advocating for birth control, public schools, foster care and a whole bunch of other things some of which form the social safety net most citizens believe in and some of which are priorities of the left. Her non sequitor that all those who march against the Supreme Court decision in Roe are against the social safety or birth control or in favor of misogyny insults the millions of citizens (including myself) who believe in none of those things. It is interesting to me that in her opinion piece she does not discuss her views on abortion and life. The future doctor must know the science is settled. Human life begins at conception. Scholarly debate can be had about whether a “fetus” is a “person” under the Constitution. But a fetus is most certainly a human being.

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