Homes for Rent that look like they’re From a Harry potter Movie

Harry Potter is one of the biggest phenomena out there in the world today. It still holds strong, and often, people wonder if they could ever live that life. While we can’t be witches and wizards, there are still some great homes out there that give you the Potter feeling as well. This article will go over some of the new homes that are out there for rent that you could get.

The first, is the new use for a chapel which is in new England, specifically Maine. Now, from a real estate virtual tour, you can see this has Luna Love good written on it completely. It was created in 1880, and this one-bedroom, two bath rental was originally a town chapel. It doesn’t have the pews anymore. However, it’s got these amazing arched windows and ceilings like a cathedral, which you won’t even get the true feel from various real estate virtual tours. You can definitely get a great home, but it comes with a hefty rental tag at three grand a month.

Then there is a studio apartment that was originally a library, which is another that real estate virtual tours won’t do justice for. You will see immediately from this that it’s got mahogany millwork, various walnut floors, two great fireplaces, and some pretty chandeliers. This studio has two rooms, one of them being a library, which was part of a mansion in the Philly’s spring garden section. There are hand-painted ceilings that make the space feel larger than the mere 1800 square feet, and there are some garden-view terraces which give you more space. It’s a great place that’s perfect for those with a knack for studying, and a knack for nature.

Then finally, there is this cottage. It’s a bit pricey, at about 4 grand a month, and it’s right outside of Chicago itself. It looks like however that it was taken from the English countryside, however it sits in a residential district. This is a great snug home for a happy family. you will see exposed beams, a staircase that curves, a Juliet balcony, and even a stone fireplace to give it that cozy charm. It’s near a parks and transportation area, so it’s great for a person who uses that. it’s about 2600 square feet, which is pretty big, and it comes with three bedrooms. This home would be perfect for those with a decently sized family, although maybe not like the Weasley’s, but it does give you that charm as well.

These harry potter like houses are certainly pretty astounding, and while they are pricey, for a fan who loves Harry Potter, this might be the perfect home for you. it’s certainly something that you might want to consider if you’re a person who wants and interesting, unique, and downright sort of eccentric sort of home for both yourself, and for the ones you love and care for too.

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