Producing Informative Geopandas plots

Image produced using the Geopandas library in Python by Stephen Fordham (author)


  1. A resistance scoring dataset, whereby the resistance scores 1 through 3 correspond to increasing resistance in bacteria to last-resort antibiotics.
  2. A dataset sourced from ArcGIS with geographical coordinates for each country.

How to plot resistance levels

Exert Control over the attributes in your Class

Image Courtesy of Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

Control your attributes

Example: The Employee Class

Simply use SimpleImputer

Image Courtesy of Unsplash via Ross Sneddon

Missing Value Imputation

Introductory guide to K-Nearest Neighbors via a code example

Image Courtesy of Jessica Lee via Unsplash

K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)

Best Data Scraping Practices using selenium in Python

Image Courtesy of istock via Ada Yokota

Selenium for web scraping



  1. Download a selenium webdriver. The chrome driver can be…

Learn how to use Magic Methods to enrich your code design

Image Courtesy of iStock

Magic/Dunder Methods in Python

What happens at the dot.

Image Courtesy of Unsplash via @joannakosinska


Iterables, Iteration and iterating through your custom Python Objects

Image Courtesy of istock




Method decorators in a class

Image Courtesy of istock

Decorating Methods

An example-led guide to using Class decorators in Python

Image Courtesy of Kelli Tungay via Unsplash

Classes as decorators

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