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Our votes for Jill Stein produce a very important result. When election results come in, showing a higher percentage of Green Party votes than ever before, they send a message to both politicians, and the media, that we want change. Hillary is not going to make that change unless she feels she has to appease us. She has already shown that she will change her stance (even if only superficially) when it is politically expedient. For example, her stance on issues like the War in Iraq, and Gay Rights. A high percentage of Green Party votes this year also forces the media to start taking the party more seriously. Although I admit that with a corporate-owned mass media, it’s likely to just increase the amount of smear tactics and biased journalism against Green Party candidates, I feel that the increased exposure is still worth the price.

As for Hillary, she is no more than an opportunistic, career politician, who will follow whatever course lines her pockets. How many politicians have eventually retired from public office to cushy CEO jobs, as a result of the legislation they pushed on behalf of those corporations and their lobbyists? I’m sure if you were to check the Clinton’s stock portfolios, you’d see where a lot of her decisions come from.

But I am voting for Jill Stein because she represents the change we need right now, not tomorrow. We are rapidly reaching the point of no return on global warming, and Hillary will not do enough to stop it in time. I feel she will make about as much real change as Obama did before her.

I’m voting against Hillary above all, because of her current stance on the Snowden issue. Democracy depends on the rights of its citizens to free speech and personal privacy. When the government is allowed to conduct massive surveillance of its own innocent citizenry without reasonable cause, it is only a matter of time before that surveillance becomes a tool for targeting political opposition. There is already plenty of political backstabbing, and corporate influence in our government. There is already too much shady business that goes on in politics at every level. If we allow our government to have such a powerful tool, it is only a matter of time before the wrong person picks it up and uses it. Our current surveillance programs are like a handgun left lying on the floor of a grade school classroom. Let’s just hope the teacher notices it in time to lock it away properly. Edward Snowden’s “crime” was that he pointed that handgun out to the rest of us, in hopes we would do something about it. The man put his career, his freedom, even his own life in jeopardy for the good of the American people. He is a hero. And if Hillary can’t see that, she doesn’t need to be put in charge.

As for the threat of Drumpf; if Hillary can’t get more votes than that clown, then she should never have been nominated. Don’t blame Jill Stein for the potential failure of your chosen candidate; that is simply not how democracy works. While Trump’s are the politics of hate, yours are the politics of fear. I’ll be voting for the politics of hope.

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