Tales From the Puppet Show Episode 2

“Clinton team instructed DNC to ‘elevate’ Donald Trump”

They wanted a looney oponent, a “heel”, so they worked, in some way, to help Trump gain the lead. Their methods are not specified here, but their intent certainly is. Politics is a dirty game, and I’m not quite willing to speculate as to just how far their foot soldiers were willing to go, to ensure that Hillary had a cartoonishly bad villain to fight in this election, but they clearly got what they wanted.

While the idea that the Democratic Party supported Trump’s nomination in some way is highly sensational, I think the last sentence here is possibly the most important of all:

“We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously,”

What does this sentence even mean, really? Those last six words “and tell the press to them seriously” sort of doesn’t quite make sense, like maybe there’s a word missing. Maybe this is pure speculation on my part, but I have to assume that missing word is “take”, as in, “tell the press to take them seriously”. Now, these are just “strategy goals”; things they wish to achieve. The thing is, why bother saying this, unless the writer had some confidence in their ability to actually make a difference? That is, someone in the DNC seemed to believe that they had the power to tell the press who to take seriously (as in, NOT Bernie Sanders). So the important question here is; just how much influence does the Democratic Party have on “the press” to decide who is worth “taking seriously” or not? Basically, how much influence do they have on the media coverage we see every day?

Back to Trump though:

This does not show that Hillary was working “with” Trump. But it clearly shows that she was at least rooting for him, even using her considerable political power to support his nomination. Setting him up to be her punching bag. An important question to ask here, is whether or not Trump knew. Did the man who had in previous years, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Democratic Party, and who had entertained Bill and Hillary as VIP guests at his own wedding, the man who donated at least $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation charity, did Trump actually know that The DNC was working to ensure his nomination, under orders from Hillary?

I mean let’s face it: the man is clearly a pompous ass, or at least very, very good, at acting like one. It’s entirely possible that he was unaware of any DNC involvement in his success, believing instead that it was simply his own charisma and good sense that won him the approval of republican voters, and thereby therepublican nomination. If anyone would believe that, it would certainly be the Trump that we’ve come to know, (and apparently love?) I mean, its not hard to imagine Trump as the (innocent?) stooge in this scenario; seeing his own rise to power as foreordained by his keen business acumen, his great personality, his incredible sense of self-worth. . .

But still it’s worth asking: Did Trump Know? Was he in on the joke, or just a pawn in the political chess game?

As I said in the beginning of this article, politics is a dirty game. Even those in politics with the most noble goals will at some point find themselves in a position where it seems they have to do something at least a bit unsavory; pursue tactics that might seem a bit, questionable, to achieve what they perceive as the greater good. If you are fighting for a goal that you truly believe in, and if you have any chance to pick your opponent in that fight, certainly you’re going to choose the weakest of the bunch. Clearly this is what Hillary Clinton has done. The real question is, how? What weapons did they bring to bear for this cause? What weapons did they have ready to use? Inflated polls? Creative “journalism”? Was there in fact, any cases of election fraud in the Republican primaries? Or maybe it was just a lot of very clever speeches by the Democrats?

So the real question here is, what could they have done, and what did they actually do to achieve their goals of “elevating” these pied piper candidates?