Tales From the Puppet Show episode 3

“Grab her by the Pussy”

Okay, what I find hard to believe here, is that this tape sat on a shelf somewhere, for over ten years, until just now. Somebody had posession of this tape, (I assume they knew at least that Trump was on it?) Someone had a candid moment recording of Trump, and did not think to check it out, or release it until this particular moment in time? To cash in on this bombshell until the particular moment when wikileaks released a new batch of emails from the Democrats? https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/784908158426869761

I mean sure, it’s possible that the timing is just coincidence; Surely there are tons of recorded material with the famous Donald Trump on it… But it happens to appear like very, very good strategy, and one of those recently leaked e-mails just happens to outline a strategy of “elevating” the 3 most ridiculous of the potential republican presidential candidates, including Mr. Trump, who at the time, had apparently not even announced his candidacy yet. One important question of course, is just how much power does the Democratic Party have to achieve their goal of “elevating” a specific Republican candidate?

Clearly the writer of this email felt that they had at least some ability to achieve the goals set forth; some ability to influence the outcome of the Republican primary election, or else why lay out these goals in the first place? While no specific action is mentioned, the final phrase “and tell the press to them seriously” hints at least at some potential influence over the media. I think that this phrase needs to be scrutinized carefully, and I think that the overall media coverage of this election needs to be looked at very closely. I don’t think anyone is going to disagree that there is a considerable amount of biased reporting in our media in general. Certainly that fact surprises no one. But just how direct is that influence of a major party on our major news sources?

I agree that Donald Trump is a monster, but at this point I think we need to really think hard about just who empowered that monster, and how they did it. Who “elevated” this monster to his current status, and how?

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