Why I’m beyond impressed with Vivint

Recently my brother-in-law returned from a summer of selling alarm systems for Vivint, the largest smart home and home security group in the country. For weeks now I have had the pleasure of hearing how incredible this company is and how well they treat their employees. From the money that can be made as an employee to the company helping out with medical bills on a salesman recently diagnosed with a brain tumor to the fundraising and service they give to the autistic community and other outreach programs. I am beyond impressed with Vivint.

I first became an alarm system client of Vivint this summer because of a month long series of break-ins we experienced in our neighborhood. I sleep well knowing my home is protected and my family is safe, but until someone tries to break in, my impression of Vivint has been shaped primarily around the company culture they’ve created.

This is not a typical company. Vivint is a talent acquisition company that has recruited the highest quality sales team on the planet. They equipped them with incredible cutting edge products that people both want and need and sent their sales team out in baseball hats. Vivint is one of the greatest branding companies in the world. They give out more prizes and swag to their people than I’ve ever encountered and the company name is on all of it. In fact, sales people fight to get their car wrapped in the company name and for exclusive hats that only the owner wears.

Just last week I went to the Vivint employee appreciation fair where the company rented out fair grounds, paid for a private rodeo, fed and entertained their employees and all their family members and then put on the most incredible firework show I’ve ever seen. Not to mention more prizes and more swag branded with Vivint.

Their sales people can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $500,000 in a summer going door to door selling alarm systems. Vivint was recently purchased for several BILLION dollars and has a goal to sell again in a few years for $10 billion. If you are looking for a great company to work for or a great company to sell for, let Vivint be one of the companies you research and let me proudly introduce you to my brother-in-law.

So why would a best-selling author that runs a successful financial business and has no intention of working for Vivint share all this information? Because when the selling season was wrapping up, the higher ups in the company, that have done well financially, were giving their sales people advice that companies rarely give out today. They were encouraging their people to save as much as they could — 10% minimum. They were educating them on investing, sharing where they are putting their own money and exposing them to Roth IRA’s to beat taxes before their income gets too high.

Corporate America used to care about their employees. They used to have full-time money managers to manage and build pension programs through insurance companies and real estate holdings so after a full career with the company, the company could take care of the employee through a pension as a way of saying thank you. Today pensions are all but dead except in the government sector and in education.

Companies figured out that they could cut costs substantially and shift the risk to their employees. In some cases, the employer could even get sizeable kickbacks from fund custodians for enrolling employees in a 401k. 401k’s that may lose money or tie up their funds until age 59 ½. In most cases a company will match employee contributions up to a certain amount, but any contribution amount beyond the match can be put to better use outside of the company.

This has bred a country of financially uneducated employees that believe they are investors because they own investments, but couldn’t explain to a 5th grader how it all works and how they will actually grow their money and reach their goals. Corporate America has outsourced investing and wise money management and it now shows.

So to hear that Vivint leadership is sharing wise financial principles is impressive. I hope this will continue. I hope they will share the value of life insurance, of proper tax handling with 1099 payments and with good investment strategies. I hope they will help their employees understand that it isn’t what you make, but what you keep that counts. I am on a mission to strengthen America one family at a time and I’m happy to know other companies care to see America strengthened this way, too.

Saving and investing needs to be done with a plan. With a system. Those involved should fully understand how a program works and how their money will grow or they are expose themselves to unnecessary risk. I’m a big advocate of financial education, which is why I’ve written so many books to help people better understand how to grow their money.

Stephen Gardner

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