Fail Fast, Not Over Decades: Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke on The Biggest Turnaround of His Career
John Battelle

What Kodak did to it’s lifetime loyal employees and retirees through the bankruptcy is nothing short of criminal. My father slaved away in the chemistry labs of Bldg. 59 for 36 years and cranked out over 200 US patents for Kodak that he sold his rights back to the company for $1.00 each and put every penny of his annual “bonus” back into Kodak stock because he was a company man which used to mean something. Then shortly after he passed on in 2011 you proceeded to sell those patents to Google for $500 million plus, give all senior executives big bonuses, file chapter 11 and strip away his widow’s surviving pension and healthcare benefits and declared all his shares in the company worthless and go on about your business as if it was only a speed bump. I know this man came in after the fact so I have no bone to pick with him but you look up and see who Charles R. Barr was who worked night and day for Kodak from 1947 to 1983 was…his last position was Corporate Director of Information Services and he’s the one that linked all your research librarys together by this new thing called the Internet and as his son I am telling you Kodak treated him and his widow like dirt in the end.