Hello world.

Inspired by this great blog and others like it, I’ve decided to document the next four months in some form with the hopes that I can vaguely learn from it. Further following suit from the above, it seemed fitting to name my first post with the most fitting two words taught at the start of many coding lessons. Now for some introductions…

My name is Stephen, and I’m a 23 year old (soon-to-be) graduate in Psychology from the University of Sheffield. I built an interest in coding over the final year of my degree, and decided to fully throw myself into it after graduating. Having researched the best means to get my skills up to scratch, Makers Academy (a 12 week bootcamp in London) seemed like the best bet. Now that I’ve finished my degree, I’m in that awkward place that isn’t quite a summer holiday, but isn’t quite work either, so I’ve been using my time to prepare for what’s called the PreCourse. This is the month before starting Makers Academy where everyone is brought up to the same speed on fundamentals like using the command line, feeling comfortable with Git and brushing up on your Ruby skills. This starts on June 30th (I think), so not much time to go! For those curious, I’ll lay out what I’ve done so far:

  • Codeacademy: Completed the Ruby, command line and git courses
  • Udemy: Working through “The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course”, which touches on all three of the above areas
  • Chapters 1–8 of Learn to Program by Chris Pine, which is a pre-requisite for passing the Makers Academy interview process

One thing about Makers is that they haven’t provided me with huge amounts of guidance on how to prepare before starting the PreCourse, besides to “keep coding” which can be quite broad. I’ve gathered the impression from other blogs that Ruby, Git and the command line are three areas that are fairly essential in the early stages of the course, so hopefully I’ll be prepared enough to tackle the weekly challenges set by the PreCourse head-on. We shall see.

I’ll keep this one brief as it’s my first and there’s not much else to say, but I’m very excited to get cracking with what will potentially be a transformative four months for me. The course starts on July 30th, so I’ll try to be documenting the approaching PreCourse as well as the three-month course itself. The vast majority of my general reading for the last three years has been in the fine-print of scientific papers so it might take me a few weeks to get in to the swing of blog-writing, but bear with and I’m sure it’ll progress as well as my code (hopefully) does!

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