Week 1: It’s happening

Things I’ve learnt last week:

  1. I need to up my blogging discipline
  2. I need to remember more things I’ve learnt last week

I intended to have another blog post written before the PreCourse started, but due to commitments with friends (go see The Iconoclasts and Buried at the Edinburgh Fringe, trust me) I’ve been fairly busy…but mostly lazy. However, it’s a new week, and a big one at that, as today I start the Makers Academy PreCourse! Holy expletive, Batman!

Like the good Psychology graduate I am, I always think it’s good to keep track of one’s thoughts and emotions at this stage. So right now, there’s a strong mix of excitement, nervousness, and fear going through my head. Excitement to finally get going, nervousness about the trials and tribulations ahead, and fear of the difficult challenges I’ll inevitably encounter along the way. However, the overriding feeling is one of determination, as I’ll need it to get through the tasks set by Makers over the next month.

If anyone’s interested as to whether the preparatory work has, ahem, worked to prepare me for the PreCourse, I can so far confirm that it indeed has! I’ve just finished completing the first main section of week 1 focusing on the command line, and codeacademy’s courses have indeed given me some insight and comfort into the subject area…although Makers inevitably has gone intro much more depth. Finding out the extent to which one can manipulate — and accidentally destroy — their computer has been really fascinating, although I expect the next section on version control might be a bit more frustrating to wrap my head around.

One thing I’d definitely recommend to anyone getting into this sort of thing is to work on a relevant Udemy course on the specific area you want to get into. The Ruby on Rails course I’ve been working through has been great to introduce me to elements of the command line, version control, Heroku and — of course — Ruby. If you want to see where I got to with building a blog site, check it out here. It’s definitely not much, but was enjoyable to build line by poorly-written line.

Also joined the MA Slack group, which looks fun. Lots of emojis. Lots and lots of emojis.

It’s going to be a busy month ahead, but hopefully both a rewarding and quick one as well, as I’m itching to actually get started at 50 Commercial St…