Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

There are a number of tips that professionals offer beginners who want to learn to play golf. Initially, a few lessons equip novice players with the knowledge and rules of the game. Trying a variety of clubs enables players to learn what works best for them. Eventually, players want their own set of clubs. However, with the number of brands and club types available, the options may seem a bit overwhelming.

Golf Club Basics
Golf club sets consist of 12 to 14 clubs and include hybrids, irons, a putter, wedges and woods. When first starting out, look for clubs that have larger faces, which enable players to hit the ball easier. The larger surface area also heightens the chance of making contact with the ball in the right location on the club. The shafts of beginner clubs are typically shorter in length, which provide better control. However, the length sacrifices the distance that one might achieve. As far as irons go, the set should have an offset and a wide sole. This allows players to strike under the ball and launch it higher.There are a number of brand-name sets that come highly recommended.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate
The Callaway name is synonymous with quality manufacturing and remains a popular brand with novice and pro golfers alike. The Strata set offers a number of variations. The 18 piece set has 12 clubs, five head covers and a standing bag. The 12-piece set features nine clubs, two head covers and the bag. The irons that come in the sets are ideal and make the ball easy to hit. The combination includes a 6 iron, a PW and an SW. The hybrids combine iron and wood, which are also great beginner clubs. The 3W and 5W drivers are crafted using titanium and have large faces for more accurate hits.

Wilson ProStaff HDX Complete Set
The Wilson ProStaff set comes with 15 pieces that include 11 clubs, three head covers and a standing bag. The irons span from a 6 through SW clubs. All feature a deep center of gravity that reduces ball spin while making it easy to launch the ball. The woods have graphite shafts. In this way, the clubs are lighter and require less energy to swing. The set also features a hybrid and a selection of woods. The only drawback to the set is the price. However, they are worth the money.