Three Health Benefits of Playing Golf

According to the latest data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 39.6 million Americans are obese. Being overweight does a lot of disservice to your body including the fact that your heart health starts deteriorating, normal day to day tasks such as climbing stairs and walking becomes difficult, and you risk developing diabetes and kidney complications. Honestly, golf is not the first sport which comes to mind when people are looking for weight loss activities. But when you think of it as a setting where you get to move around a space of six to seven kilometers for several hours, the calorie burn starts adding up. Here are the three main benefits that you can expect to gain from playing golf.

Improved heart health

When people are active in the field, their heart rate goes up, and blood gets pumped faster. Golf involves a lot of walking, swinging, carrying your bag all which improve circulation. Consequently, the risk of high blood pressure goes down, the possibility of getting a stroke reduces and harmful cholesterol levels go down. When this is coupled with healthy dietary choices, players can reverse their progression towards obesity.

Stimulation to the brain

When people walk regularly, they strengthen the brain’s memory circuits. Research conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society showed that any level of physical activity which included walking stimulated circulation and hence gave a constant and healthy supply of oxygen to the brain. Engaging in golf will, therefore, keep the memory sharp for longer years.

Stress reduction and better sleep

Golf is delightful in that players get to spend the entire day enjoying fresh air and the sights and sounds of the outdoors. This makes the brain release endorphins, otherwise known as the feel-good hormones. As a result, they are less susceptible to stress, will sleep better at night and their body’s muscles will have enough time to heal and repair.

Weight loss

Did you know that a man burns approximately 2500 calories during an 18-hole golf round? Women, on the other hand, burn about 1500 calories, which is just 500 calories shy of their recommended daily caloric intake. Golf is probably the most underrated effective way to lose weight.

The health benefits which come from engaging in a round of golf a few times a week are countless. It is the ideal way to lose weight and boost physical and mental performance without excessive strain.

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