Why Fishing With Grandchildren Is Fun

In this era of smartphones, social media, video games and other avenues of endless entertainment, we all need to unplug from electronic gadgets and connect with each other as much as possible. It is crucial that we create opportunities to cultivate deep relationships with the upcoming generation and show them how to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. Fishing is a natural adventure that lets you unwind while making incredible memories with your grandchildren and teaching them to love our world.

Fishing takes you and your grandchildren away from screens to the serenity and majesty of nature. You are allowing the fresh air and awe-inspiring scenery to soothe your souls and refresh your minds. You are investing precious time and strengthening bonds that will last forever. You are imparting an invaluable skill that may put food on the table, lead to a career in sports fishing or spark interest in saving the environment.

Fishing does not have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, it is best to start with simple equipment such as an ultra-light rod and reel combination and small hooks. Fly fishing is not ideal for beginners as fly rods are more difficult to work with. Slip-bobber rigs with light lines (six pounds or less) are easier for children to cast. The most important tool is a virtue: patience. As you demonstrate patience with your grandchildren and the fish, your grandchildren learn powerful life lessons. Keep it pleasant and safe, and enjoy yourselves together.

As with any trip with the grandkids, you will need to plan before heading out with your poles. First, find out about your state’s regulations. You may be required to obtain a license, and some states enforce fishing season dates and size and quantity limits. You and your grandchildren need personal flotation devices (PFDs) wherever you venture out, whether on a bank or a boat.

Is fishing an unfamiliar territory for you? Introduce yourself to the excitement of fishing along with your grandchildren. Show them that it is never too late to learn something new. Takemefishing.org answers just about every question you may have about fish, how to fish and the best places to fish.

Your grandchildren will always remember your fishing excursions and come to cherish the natural habitats and ecosystems that are home to your treasured fishing spots. Your mutual love for each other and the environment will grow exponentially with each venture. Get your grandchildren hooked on fishing!

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