Why Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Rallying To Save Last Man Standing
Joshunda Sanders

I did sign Matt’s petition for all the reasons stated in the petition and as I stated in my comments on the petition “ It is so hard to find a truly family-friendly shows these days” the truth of the matter is this is one of a very few shows on tv today that the whole family can watch and you don’t have to worry about what your kids might see while watching, no one’s openly having sex, or doing drugs, and all the other crazy things you see on a lot of network tv shows today. When I was growing up you could watch a regular network tv show and my parents did not have to worry about what we might see for the most part… now it is crazy you have to be on guard and be very careful what you allow your young children and even teens to watch. Kids see that stuff on tv today and think it is ok.

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