Fried Bologna + Waffle = Sandwich

The truth about waffles is that they’re awesome, even a freezer burned Eggo. And bologna is awesome too, even though it’s spelled weird. Together, they’re unstoppable.

Normally food of this density is frowned upon in the house (we’re kitschy CSA subscribers). But girlfriend and Baltimore City teacher, Liz, starts school tomorrow and will likely be in the mood for something indulgent come the evening.

I used PJ Hamels’ Belgian Waffle Recipe and substituted sorgum for a sweetner and buttermilk for milk. Check it out here.

Also, this is my first post, so tear it up.

My grandma described the pert (nearly spherical) yolks of these eggs as “little saluting soldiers.” Gotta love a grandma that appreciates a good egg.
Look! I warmed up the buttermilk.
Check out this amazing cast iron waffler I got in NOLA last summer. Even though the heat retention on this puppy is killer, it’s important to have it screamin’ hot before adding your batter.
O.M.G. It turned into a waffle.
Fried bologna w/ onions. Sadly, the girlfriend won’t eat pigs (because they’re kind of like people, which I understand sometimes) so this is turkey bologna. Avoid turkey bologna at all costs.
Fried bologna waffle with Gramercy Tavern’s garlic puree (wonderful recipe found here) and snake oil (wonderful hot sauce from Woodberry Kitchen found here). Oh, and I really suck at plating.
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