So I just stumbled upon Medium today, and I immediately decided to sign up. Social media is a part of my daily life (a very large part) as Twitter has become the place that I an constantly glued to for the most up to date news. I like Twitter, I really do, but the one problem I have which I’m sure a lot of others do is the 140 character limit. It’s great for getting out quick thoughts, but very tough to elaborate on topics that deserve more than a sentence or two. Hopefully Medium fixes this problem for me and countless others who feel the same way.

My hope is that I will use Medium for a few things. First, I’d really like to improve my writing and this seems like a pretty good place for that. Second, there are things that I am passionate about like sports and technology that hopefully I can write posts that people find interesting. Medium seems like a great place for that, and to read and write many great things here in the near future.