What we know about #Kakhovka Dam terrorist attack by Russia

Stephen Hoffman
2 min readJun 6, 2023

A huge Dam in the Russian-controlled area of southern Ukraine has been destroyed, unleashing a flood of water.

People are currently being evacuated from communities in the surrounding areas, with fears that any flooding could be catastrophic.

The #Kakhovka Dam is one of six dams that sits along the river, which stretches all the way from the very north of Ukraine into the sea in the south.

The #Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant is in the city of #Nova #Kakhovka in Ukraine's #Kherson region. The city is currently under Russian occupation.

It was built in the Soviet era in 1956 and is one of six dams that sits along the Dnipro river, which stretches all the way from the very north of the country into the sea in the south.

The power plant is a crucial component of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. According to Ukraine’s state hydroelectric power company, the damage caused by the breach is “impossible to repair.”

The Dam is huge. Locals call it the #Kakhovka Sea as you cannot see the other bank in certain places. The dam holds water equal to the Great Salt Lake in the U.S. state of Utah, according to Reuters.

It contains about 18 million cubic meters of water.

The #Kakhovka hydroelectric power station provides electricity to over 3 million people in Ukraine.

Images circulating on social media today show a massive breach in the dam, with water already unleashed across the war zone and flooding downstream in the direction of #Kherson. The dam was destroyed by Russia at around 2:50am this morning according to the Ukrainian Government.

In the Facebook page thread I am putting together and updating for British Friends of Ukraine, I go in to detail about the terrorist attack on the Dam by Russia, the importance of the Dam, details of the devastation so far caused, the response from Ukraine’s and the world leaders, as well as photos and videos of the devastation caused.

All the information in the thread highlights that Russia has committed Ecocide on a horrific scale and its time the UK Government and Governments worldwide designate Russia a terrorist state. Its also time Ukraine’s allies give Ukraine all the weapons to kick Russia off all Ukrainian land.

A link to the thread can be found below.







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