Because let’s call Facebook what it is these days…

I like Facebook. I really do. I like your stories, anecdotes, zingers, kid/dog/cat photos, memes, jokes, random knowledge drops. I like the obscure Swedish disco videos you share. Same with the best bits of whatever was on the talk/award/comedy shows last night. I could probably do without the pictures of what you ate, but in general — #FOMO solved.

I would call Facebook fun.

Further, instead of going to the internet, the internet comes to me. Sure it comes to me in waves of cat/goat/tiny pig videos, extraordinary child musicians, and time-lapsed videos recipes. But I also get a lot of news. And politics.

Of course, politics and news seem to be the same thing now.

I can’t scroll more than two ‘stories’ without there being something shared about Trump, or a request to sign a petition for something Trump is trying to take away/destroy. *

It makes Facebook not fun. But maybe it makes Facebook important? Dunno. There’s A LOT of information/opinions/facts/alternate facts out there that litter and clog our feeds.

But I’m guilty, too. I tried to limit my politic tics to Twitter. I tried. I still try. But Twitter is its own wild party, and for the most part I’m sitting in the corner rocking back and forth chewing on a piece of rope and talking to myself.

I don’t know that social media helps.

Seems like SOCIAL MEDIA should be called SOCIAL MEDUSA because every time I look at it I turn to stone. I’m numb, cold, and unable to move. I’m paralyzed. And I just sit there dumbfounded and crushed. Hmmm, so maybe more like gravel?

Sorry, I digressed a moment there. And then really digressed. Gravel? Sorry.

I don’t know that social media helps. I’m sure in some ways it does, but I’m sure in other ways it does not. Maybe ‘help’ is the wrong word. I don’t know that social media does anything. Damn, that’s not right either.

I do think it’s an echo chamber chamber amber amber ber ber er r… And that we all like likes. And getting it off our chests.

Case in point/#meta.

I will say I no longer believe in bubbles. Fuck. That. Although, because I recently had to look it up on google, I do believe in…

GERRYMANDERING (which is like a bubble only with districts):

But I believe in other things as well…

GASLIGHTING (because we seem to be caught in some 1984/Black Mirror vortex):
REDMAP (wait, WHUT?):
and RATFUCKING (no, not the alt-Ratatouille kind):
Oh, and I believe in HISTORY (specifically Venezuela’s):

(Sorry. Went on a little bit of a link parade there. It’s good stuff, but sorry if it slowed things down.)

Bottom line, I believe in equality and freedom. I believe in kindness and respect. I believe in education. I believe in helping others. I believe in affordable healthcare for everyone. I believe in science. And facts. I believe in making the world a better place. I believe in safeguarding our environment and protecting wildlife. I believe in hope. And change. And progress.

And I do believe in Facebook. I think it’s a wonderful thing. Truly. I want to share my kid/dog/cat photos, but it feels so unimportant compared to what’s going on these days.

So bottom bottom line, I don’t know that our social media feeds will change, but as far as armchair politics — turns out there’s an app for that:

*Yes, my feed tends to run blue.**

**I have gotten rid of a lot of clickbait, though — looking at you Occupy Democrats…***

**Still on the fence about you, Slate.


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