Zombie Fortification Cabin

Now with 10 YEAR guarantee!


Hello, My name is Steve Stein. I keep leaving messages. I got the Zombie Fortification Cabin a couple months ago. It’s great. We really like the slit windows. Lots of light, still very safe. The gym is surprisingly roomy. The barbed wire was very easy to apply. The garage feels really solid. You guys did a good job. I actually got the upgrade with the solar panels, riot gear, and security cameras. The riot gear is missing a couple batons, but we got some extra shin guards so I think we’re good there. But I also got the special root vegetables package. It was supposed to be potatoes and carrots only. I got ALL beets. I specifically said NO beets. I paid A LOT of money for this just-in-case scenario; which turns out to be money well spent, but we CANNOT eat beets for 10 years. I know your machine is going to cut me off any second, but I do NOT want to Yelp a bad review, so please get back to me so we can clear this up. Again, my name is St-


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