Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (December 2019)

Stephen Hu
Jan 13 · 3 min read

Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform Status

The market didn’t have a lot of movement during the month, the Overall Mortgage Rate remained the same level as November, but the Total SNEO Collateralized and Total SDUSD Issued had decreased a lot, we speculate it’s someone who is a heavy user of SDUSD that wanted to return back their SDUSD to get their NEO back for an emergency.

Due to this return action, more than 2 Million SDS had been paid, the Total Service Fee Paid has a 2000% increment during this month.

November 2019
December 2019

Research & Develop

RSK Version Platforsm

  • Allow users to use private key to login the platform
  • Allow users to use account & password to login the platform
  • Allow users to backup account private key
  • Add Total Service Fee To Be Paid (RBTC)

Community Operation

Attended DAOfest in Shanghai

On December 8, Stephen of Alchemint attended the DAOfest Shanghai station. DAOfest Shanghai is the Shanghai station of the DAOfest global event series and the first station in China. This event is co-hosted by Bitfwd, ChainNews, DAOStep, Fat Garage and sponsored by DAOStack, DAOFest.

Nowadays more and more people pay attention to DAO. In this event, various projects shared how to use DAO for governance.

Attended Subdev China 0 event

On December 13, Alchemint attended the Subdev China 0 activity held in Shanghai. The event was jointly sponsored by PolkaWorld, Substrate, and Parity. It was the first Substrate developer event in China. During the activity, the guests shared the experience of Substrate development and the differences between Substrate and Cosmos-SDK.

Making Christmas and New Year poster

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