Live Your Lessons Out Loud

“You’re here to live your lessons out loud…”

It was about a month ago when I found myself sitting in a circle with my eyes closed. I listened to the facilitator as she dropped us into a guided meditation, and I vaguely remember something about spirit animals and walking on a path in the woods. My animal was a wolf, but that’s not really relevant.

What’s relevant is that at some point in the process, I heard that simple statement loud and clear… you’re here to live your lessons out loud.

“Of course,” I thought to myself. “That makes perfect sense.”

It’s why I write, why I coach, why I make vlogs. It’s why I speak and teach workshops. It’s why I’m devoted to doing the work I feel called to do, no matter what it takes. Not because I think I’m so important that everyone should be listening, but because I know what it’s like to feel completely lost inside your own life… inside your own self. I also know what it’s like to feel as if there’s not a single soul that could possibly understand the pain and frustration.

Until I found someone else’s blog… podcast… video. Until I heard the songs that saved my life and read the books that guided me to exactly what I needed. Until I worked with the coaches and mentors who’d been there, done that, and learned how to create all they desired despite it.

Until I came across the lessons that others were living out loud.

In today’s vlog, I’m talking about living our lessons out loud. Why I do it. Why it matters. Why you should consider it too. Not necessarily in a blog or video or even online (unless that’s what you want), but simply beginning to share your own journey with those around you, with those who most need to hear it. Or so that the ones who are meant to support you can start showing up.

Click below to watch now…