I’m not a fraud. I’m pretty great.
Anil Dash

Great post, I’m going to recommend it to the students I’m advising.

But I don’t understand how you read Gina. As I understand her post, she’s not advocating saying one is a fraud to others, or even to yourself. Rather she suggests responding to that inner voice telling you you’re a fraud with “yeah, right, because we’re all frauds.” Another meme that showed up in my twitter feed today is “of course I don’t understand — as a software developer it’s my job to be working on stuff I don’t understand” (yet). My understanding of Gina’s point is that it’s ok to not be the great expert most of the time. And her “we’re all frauds” is a mnemonic for the ways that humility can contribute to problem-solving — and so, to being great.

So I see the posts as being complementary. Sometimes we need humility, sometimes confidence. Of course the mix is different for everyone but we all need to read both.

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