The CLI( Command Line Interface) is one of the best places to execute a long long-running task and Laravel has provided us with the Artisan Console that allows us to create our custom commands. …

This article was initially sent as a mail. I had to publish it so that others who didn’t subscribe to the blog series mailing list can follow along.


First, my name is Stephen Jude and I have been a PHP/Laravel developer for three(3) years now.

The first thing you…

This article was originally published on my blog on March 17, 2020.

Last week I sent out a getting started mail to everyone following my Laravel series for beginners. I mentioned for those who don’t want to setup a local development environment.

So whats this PHPSandbox all about?



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In my 2019 review I mentioned that I was working on a side project which is setting up a shared hosting platform with Laravel developers in mind.

I have deployed lots of Laravel projects on Linux shared hosting and I know how painful it is especially when there is no…

I worked as a Laravel backend developer at Qwickpage for a year. Qwickpage has lots of products that are still in their development stage but its is primarily a social network for entrepreneurs.

While at Qwickpage we have two instances of the core application running on the server. …

Its no longer news that PHP 7.4 is now available with lots of exciting new features. Yeah, and everyone wants to get a test of it :)

PHP 7.4 comes with numerous improvements and new features such as: Typed Properties, Arrow Functions, Null coalescing assignment operator, Unpacking Inside Arrays, Opcache…

In my previous post, I mentioned how I built Lite Blog. In this post I will be detailing how to get started and some of the interesting features of Lite Blog.


Installing Lite Blog is pretty simple. Its just like installing a Laravel application using composer.

composer create-project --prefer-dist  stephenjude/lite-blog…

Finally my personal blog is ready and I will be publishing my first blog post tomorrow.

I have been a PHP and Laravel developer for a while so its going to contain all that I have learnt while building PHP and Laravel application.

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There are lots of things in this digital era that can help any business to become more profitable. In this article I will explore 3 things in this digital age that will help you grow your business and become more profitable. They are:

1. Online Presence.

2. Customer Relationship.

3. Branding.

There are more you can do to…

Earlier this year I started reading about TDD (Test Driven Development) approach and I began to see the importance of writing unit tests during software development. Good unit tests can help you document and define what you are supposed to do.

To know more about unit test and why it…


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