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May 16, 2015 · 3 min read

Thibauld this is quit sad from my point of view. I was always impressed with what you and your company were trying to do. I was a user from the earliest days when you had an Allmyapps app for Ubuntu. When you focused on Windows I was very active in your GetSatisfaction community forum submitting app suggestions, bug reporting and posting app update notices to Patrice. I built up a bit of a community rapour with Patrice and we shared many ideas about how Allmyapps could be improved. In my view as a user it had a lot of potential, coming from an environment were I was used to a well curated Ubuntu Software Centre.

I once described Allmyapps as the closest I could get to apt-get on Windows, to Patrice. Today now that mantel has passed to which is much closer to a true apt-get on Windows. One advantage I have found that Chocolatey has over Allmyapps is the packages are submitted and maintained by the community which results in a diverse package repository, faster package updates and a community of users to resolve bugs. I remember when communicating with Patrice, I felt he must be snowed under with the entirety of the software catalogue that he seemed to be maintaining by himself, and I was pinging him every day with new software updates and app suggestions for him to update and add.

From reading your slides I can see the mammoth task you were undertaking and the tough battles you had. I never realised these problems existed, which is a good sign. Your team always displayed a calm and cooperative presence with us users. I feel guilty now for the times I may have overly criticised some of the decisions made in the company. Such as using adware in the install flow of your Allmyapps installer. To me this damaged the credibility of the clean, malware free, curated app store you were building. However now I can see you were desperate to make revenue anyway you could.

I am going to give one further criticism though. I am not entirely happy with finding out about the demise of Allmyapps this way. There has been no communication to your users, some of which were paying users. Your Allmyapps blog and Facebook account are stagnant and make no mention of it. The community forum is dead. I only decided to look more into what was happening when I noticed that no new updates were being pushed to Allmyapps on my desktop. Regardless of what the Terms of Service may say, I think you have a responsibility to your users to inform them of the status of the product they are relying on for updates and have given free reigning access to install software unattended on their desktop. The sale of your company leaves users open to exploitation via the desktop app. We also have no idea how our user data such as account email addresses, passwords and payment information, is going to be used by the new owners of Allmyapps.

When I read that ironSource had bought Allmyapps, an adware company from the notorious Telaviv “Download Valley”, I immediately deleted my account and uninstalled the desktop app. I understand you had more pressing financial matters to attend to, and your Terms of Service probably state you have no obligation to inform your users, but I think it would have just been a common courtesy. A simply blog post across your social channels and an in-app notice would have sufficed. Well there’s no point complaining to much now.

I truly do congratulate you for trying and failing gracefully in trying to build something that made a small bit of peoples lives that bit easier on what is often the wild west of Windows software distribution. I want to wish you all the best to you and your former colleagues, and much success in your future endeavours.

~ Stephen Judge, Dublin, Ireland

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