The East Coast’s First Virtual Reality Arcade

In the 1980s, people didn’t understand why they would want to use a PC, why they would want to run their businesses on a PC, why they would want a PC in their homes. It took having experienced PC’s and their incredible utility in the workplace for people to start to understand the vast potential for productivity and entertainment that they could bring into their homes. Next, it was cellphones in the 1990’s; then in the 2000’s it was smartphones. A few early adopters blazed a path for the mass market to adopt these technologies in a massive way, realizing a complete cultural shift within our society.

Similarly, Virtual Reality is a black hole for the vast majority of consumers and entrepreneurs. People have heard the term and they may have even seen a few early examples, but they don’t know what VR means; why they will want it and the infinite use cases that can impact run their businesses.

Enter The VR Arcade. A Do it Yourself World Fair. Part playground. Part gym. Part classroom. Part laboratory. Virtual Reality has to be experienced to be comprehended. From deeply moving media experiences that bring people to unaccessible wonders of the world, to new types of tools that empower us to create works of art in ways never before possible. The VR Arcade is a didactic space for a new era of user agency through VR.

NotionTheory is excited to announce the launch of notionVR — the first virtual reality arcade on the East Coast. We’ve partnered with national coworking leader MakeOffices to create a space dedicated for experiencing the latest virtual reality games and content. In addition we have also partnered with some awesome heavyweights such as Lyft, Redbull and Silicon Valley Bank.

Read more from our press release here.

Sean Mcbeth — NotionTheory’s VR Wizard

Insight courtesy of Sean McBeth