The Books That Saved My Life in Prison
Chris Wilson

The New York Times. A female cop not as tough as my friend in the Whidbey Island Sheriff’s Dept. Don’t mess with her.

Chris Wilson just wrote an inspirational story about being sentenced to prison for life and finding purpose and transcendence through reading and writing.

I am 74 years old. I have experienced crime.

In 1956, I was 12 years old and my wonderful aunt, Arlene Nichols, who had just started college at the University of California at Los Angeles at the age of 20 was murdered in her bed by an incompetent burglar. I’ve had other encounters with crime, almost as horrid, but I will stop there.

Later, I worked for a very large library near Seattle, Washington. This library had private study-conference rooms where people could go to study in small groups, tutor each other for exams, prepare presentations, and so on. As an employee, it was part of my duties to check on these rooms just to make sure everyone was all right.

One day, I knocked on a closed door, hearing no answer, I opened the door and walked in and found two young people with their clothes off fucking their brains out. All the young man could think of as a response was to leap to his feet, cover his genitalia with one hand and exclaim:


As I once taught in a very dangerous high school in Seattle, full of multi-racial gangsters and drug dealers carrying knives, guns, brass knuckles, and the like to school, I have had a lot of practice at maintaining my savoir faire in all kinds of circumstances.

I just said,

I am going to close the door and give you five minutes to get your clothes on and make yourself look presentable. When you come out, I do want your library card so I know who you are. You will be trespassed [library speak for banned] from the library for a month and banned from using a conference room for life.

Actually, an empty threat, but I wanted to scare the shit out of the little fuckers.

I have put a hold on Chris’ book

Chris Wilson

Author (THE MASTER PLAN; Feb ‘19), artist, advocate, and social entrepreneur dedicated to supporting citizens returning from prison.

at my current library at Freeland, WA.

Chris please stay away from Whidbey Island. One of my best friends is a 6 foot four female Sheriff’s deputy who is the best shot in the department and has singlehandedly beaten up strong wife abusers who said they would never submit to arrest by a woman.