Obama Wishes He Could Have Continued Managing Rap Artists In His Spare Time
Allan Ishac

Rolling Stone reveals . . .

Every night I rise from my almost grave to pay disrespectful homage to the incomparable Allan Ishac at the old before my time age of almost 74 years old

Obama Wishes He Could Have Continued Managing Rap Artists In His Spare Time

In his new book, former president says he regrets giving up representation of Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Ludacris to assume office

Kanye West obviously is the most revered representative of America’s greatest shame

Keeping African Americans as slaves for hundreds of years. As the photo above (all credit to the hippest publication of 1967, Rolling Stone — when I was mere fuzzy head baby of 23 years old)

Back to that in a senile minute

The photo I started this late night hallucination with indicates that shows an uncanny resemblance between Kanye West (the leading African American supporter of Donald Trump) and Donald Trump.


The first slave ship carrying Africans to the American colonies in 1562 Photo courtesy THE BLACK CITIZEN

If you peer closely at the little boat tied to the slave ship you can just barely see Donald Trump.

The ship (by the way) was appropriately named JESUS.

Trump was confined to the tiny row boat because all the other slaves were so revolted by his presence, they screamed they would all throw themselves to the sharks and/or starve themselves to death if they had to smell him any more; a fairly viable threat as the only value a slave had was working in the tobacco fields until they dropped as fertilizer.

Switching my senile rant before I collapse into my bed, I tracked Trump through American history, where he next appears on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 1967

Courtesy of CecilBuffington

You never realized that in 1967, Donald Trump, the first slave in the USA had transformed himself in Elvis Presley, a white man who ripped off black musicians without a bit of credit.

Elvis Presley supposedly died a miserable death of drug overdoses as a miserable fat blubber of lard

But in fact the most credible and persuasive newspaper in England reveals that Elvis is still alive.

Yes, to the poor deluded souls who are so bored they followed this pathetic post to the end.


Elvis is really Donald Trump. Or the other way around. Go to bed. I am crazy.

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