Do Women Really Need Men?
Robert Cormack

Excellent article, Mr. Cormac.

I am a 73 year old heterosexual male, fairly happily married to the only woman I ever fucked, for 52 years.

I have read science fiction all my life (and lots of other stuff, also, having been an English major in college).

On a very basic, sensible level, males have oppressed women throughout most of human history. It’s only fair, as your article cogently and hilariously points out, that males make an effort to balance the scales.

The bigger issue is that humans are unlike any other species on our planet. Evolution is purely an accident, but if the ridiculous idea that god and hell exists, than it would be certainly the work of the “devil” to invent a creature that is self aware of its own mortality and is clever enough to invent fun toys such as nuclear weapons and work on committing suicide as a species.

Now, that’s really funny.

I am likely to die laughing. Either because what other possible reaction can there be to being aware of my mortality or because I see the mushroom cloud as it prepares to incinerate me.

It’s past my bed time. I would just as soon die in my sleep. But it would be hard on my wife of 52 years. Oh, well, I’ve been trying to prepare her to live without me.

I have not been mean enough to her.