The serial killer neighbor in La Porte, Indiana my mother never told me about

FDA finds Click Bait Hazardous to Nation’s Health

I am so old I remember when mice were little flesh and blood rodents who frightened our cat, Fuzzy Wuzzy.

My mother had grown up on a farm in La Porte Indiana, well known as the landing spot for the worst female serial killer in USA History. My mother was the product of Eastern European Jews. Baba Manya is what I remember of what my maternal grandmother, which is not much because I was a retarded child of 3 because my father was in India, a rapidly promoted SGT in the USA Army (rapidly promoted because he could read and write and fill out the forms no army can exist without, quickly put in command of a squad of press ganged illiterate poor white trash from South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and similar obedient Americans sent to fight off Japs — I know I should not say that — but

Japanese Soldier beheading Chinese prisoner at Nanking Massacre

As a Jew, my father’s mother did not want him to be drafted to fight Hitler


Well, my father’s Hungarian Jewish mother suffered terribly in WWI so she opposed all war. She was not consoled by him being sent to fight the peaceful Japs who almost invaded India, but distracted invading the Philippines.

Good times

If computers had existed then, the Japanese would have used them for nefarious purposes, but they had to wait for my father (and thousands of other American Jews to invent them in them in the 1950s.

If you think I lie, of course I do. Anyway, starting around 1950, my father, Michael Kahn, used punch cards and programmed in machine language and tried to blow up the world in the 1950s, programming the earliest computers to launch the bombers with nuclear bombs toward Moscow.

My father kept this in our messy basement as a keepsake. Is that why he died at age 43? Why am I still alive at 74 even though I suffer from severe mental illness?

My father died at 43 and never invented a mouse so you can’t blame him for inventing click bait.

My father and mother had a very unhappy marriage (he hit her from time to time) and trying to make peace hebought a small ( 1 acre) farm in Brea, California (near Disneyland about the time that holy shrine was built).

I milked a cow before and after junior high school and we raised chickens, ducks, goats, and of course, Stormy the Cow, who had horns and tried to kill me.

When my mother was young she had farm cats who hated everybody but me (or so my lying mother told me) because they would climb to the second story balcony and three year old Stephen would throw them off which so delighted them they would climb up so I could do it again. I was three years old and retarded, perhaps because I was a dumb Jew.

Anyway we bought a mini farm near Disneyland.

Our farm was near there but much smaller and a real farm owned by poor Jews

Our family always had cats as pets. My mother had grown up with farm cats whose job was to kill rodents and fend for themselves, not be purring pest pets. My family used J. I. Rodale’s Organic Gardening Magazine as their Bible.

We had a compost bin, where we composted the chicken shit from our chickens. When i wasn’t milking the cow and the goats, I hauled the cow and goat shit to the bin. We had one spoiled and timid cat, named FUZZY WUZZY, who was a pet, not like the farm cats my mother had grown up with. My mother had become a timed battered wife, but the strong farm girl she once had been still lived inside her now failing body and spirit.

Fuzzy Wuzzy the cat was scared of his shadow, not to mention gophers (who like rats, can do some damage to a real farm cat if they are not cautious). My mother was puttering around in the compost bin and yelled:

A fucking mouse! Get the cat!

I grabbed Fuzzy Wuzzy. Ran to the compost bin. Dropped Fuzzy Wuzzy in and waited eagerly for the bloodshed to begin.

What a let down

Recreation. The event was real.

Fuzzy Wuzzy saw something moving an started to dash away terror.

For one brief second my mother dropped 25 years and kicked Fuzzy Wuzzy so hard he flew 10 feet out of the compost bin.

I cannot believe anyone would be so stupid to click this kick bait.