The Adventures of Tiger the Cat — Part 5: The Devil Makes Three
Sherry Caris

Have your cats ever eaten a real mouse? When I was young (about 60 years ago) living on a real tiny farm near Disneyland (a completely imaginary place in California) we had a cat named fuzzy wuzzy. One day my mother (who had grown up on a real farm in Indiana in the real Great Depression) saw a mouse in our compost bin and dropped Fuzzy Wuzzy in to catch it. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a pussy cat and when he saw something moving, he gave a squeak of terror and ran away. My mother was so disgusted she gave Fuzzy Wuzzy a kick that sent him flying into Disneyland.

When I was four years old my father was in India fighting World War II and I lived with my mother on the real farm. The real farm had real farm cats who ate real mice and would not let a human come near them. Except me. Or so my mother told me. Would my mother lie?

Anyway I would get up on a second story porch. The wild farm cats would climb up to the second story porch. I would pick them up and drop them off the porch. The cats would fall a story, land on their feet, and come up to have me do it again.

Would my own mother lie to me?

Can you draw a picture of four year old me dropping cats from a second story porch. I have no artistic talent, so I admire your work extravagantly.