Dude, *I* existed before the Internet. Oh wait. You said humans. Never mind then. Hahaha. ;)
Linda Caroll

Hi Linda,

I got your smoke signal and happily said


I exist.

Now, 73 years old, surprised to be alive, I often doubt that I exist.

Speaking of smoke signals, I live on five acres of woods on a large island part of Washington state (not far from Seattle and closer to Everett) with my wife of 52 years. A woman I met by the most stupid meet not very cute method you cannot possibly imagine.

Speaking of smoke signals, my neighbor in our semi rural is a genuine Sioux Indian, genome includes famed warrior Crazy Horse. Well, I will be eccentrically precise. My neighbor is 25% Sioux and is a patriotic veteran of the U.S. Army and as devout as a Lutheran as you would ever hope to meet. In fact he automatically assumed that I believe in the Christian God and he was quite shocked to discover that I am an atheist Jew

because, after all, Crazy Horse must have been as Christian as native americans must have all been, all things considered.

Now we signal each other by tweets and Medium bloggy posts.

Thanks for signaling back.