Why Mars could be humanity’s final stop in space exploration
Konrad Dobschuetz

I am having trouble following your logic and seeing where you are going Konrad. I am 73 years old and a life long atheist who has read science fiction since the age of 10. Konrad, are you going to live forever? I doubt you believe that, though perhaps the most modern incarnation of the species long delusion that we can cheat death is called

The Singularity.

As a species humans are insane. I know I am going to die, though my brain says No No No.

We all assume (well most of us) that once we are gone we will have genetic and spiritual descendants. Or at least some members of our species.

Homo sapiens are far too clever by 77 halves. We now have the capability of destroying our own species. Yesterday the passenger pigeons and the dodo birds. Who’s left to take out?

Look in the species mirror.

Spread the genome. AI may be our descendants. The last Homo sapiens may be cowering in a dome dodging cosmic rays on Mars. Or drifting as a space travel Marie Celeste past the orbit of Pluto with nothing but corpses.

Kind of exciting. I have read your essay even though my response may be senile stupid. Please suppppppoport my 24 hours hours of Homo sapiens silence on the last day of 2018 insane project.