The Brilliance of the US Constitution is simply this:
Dorothea Mordan

I am writing to politely undermine

Dorothea Mordan’s superb essay:

The Brilliance of the US Constitution is simply this:

The Founding Fathers understood that to protect themselves from each other 
they had to agree to protect each other from themselves.

A salute from PopChart Lab that wants to sell you something (not me, I am just borrowing their flags)

Several hundred thousand years ago, Homo sapiens evolved in Africa, initially best suited to live in tribes of less than 200 people, accidentally compatible with Dunbar’s number, the number of people we can hold in our mind. Life was short and brutal, but the damage we could do to each other or our environment. I am a fervent and fanatical 74 year old atheist, but the Christian mythos of the Garden of Eden does catch the spirit of how humans went terribly astray when we developed agriculture and the ability to overpopulate the world and starting with bows and arrows inevitably creating nuclear weapons and the like. The USA was a brilliant attempt to restrain our natural tendency to commit suicide as a species. I see no way to put the genie back in the bottle and return to tribal living.