Life is strange, isn’t it.
Linda Caroll

I haven’t seen any ticks. We saw a great horned owl this morning. I am surprised to be alive at 73 because my father died at age 43. Also, the last time I drove a motor vehicle (about nine months ago) I passed out and was struck by another vehicle doing about 55 miles per hour. When I came to I was surprised to be alive. My vehicle was totally demolished, collapsing as safety standards indicated it should. I had buckled my harness and the air bags worked (not being the faulty Takata Japanese airbags). The crash occurred near our island’s podunk hospital. On arrival I was diagnosed with three broken ribs.

After nine months of analysis and study, me medical team’s conclusion is

We have no fucking idea what happened to you!

Might have been a heart attack. Might have been a mini stroke. After six months my cardiologist said,

We approve you to drive again, on a limited basis.

To my wife’s horror. She goes with me and rides shotgun. Nagging me constantly.

Actually my current fret is that I am losing my mind to dementia.

Nothing you read from me from now on will make the slightest bit of sense.

If something you read that I wrote makes sense to you, that is a very bad sign.