How to make a friend fast — the scientific method
Ivana Kurecic

Ivana, I am old and dumb, so I think I understand what you wrote, but do not depend on me having the slightest clue.

I would like to suggest a social science experiment which is totally impossible and impractical. The resources required would be so prohibitive that it would take as much effort as landing humans on the planet Mars.

If you know Elon Musk pass my absurd idea along to him.

OK I will get semi serious. Current thinking about the evolution of the human species is that about 300,000 years ago humans existed in small tribes of no more than 150 people.

This is known as Dunbar’s Number which I am sure you are familiar with as a sophisticated social scientist seventy eleven times more intelligent, knowledgeable and sophisticated than my fading and close to senile 73 year old mind.

I am also kind of gloomy and pessimistic. I suspect that the 21st Century will be the last century the human species experiences before we go extinct. There are 7.5 billion humans on this planet. We have nuclear weapons. We are destroying all or competition except bacteria, viruses, and prions. The two most powerful leaders in the world are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

If humans went back to our roots, small tribes of no more than 150 people, living at a subsistence level, with perhaps 1 our of five or so FIXED (in the same way we fix dogs and cats) to limit overpopulation,

What are the chances of the human species surviving the 21st Century?