A Brief Evaluation of the Theory of Evolutionary Psychology
Joshua Hehe

Let’s try again, on a giant global space station large enough to be a mini-ecosphere. The station will be operated by artificial intelligence androids dressed to look not quite like humans, perhaps fairies, perhaps talking cuddly teddy bears, perhaps affectionate snakes.

We will adopt a bunch of children given up for adoption by unwed mothers and raised by our androids from infancy and transferred to the space station (or maybe this can be done on an asteroid by the time we get going.

The children will never have any contact with normal Homo sapiens, only with friendly nurturing androids. They will only be taught empirical science and basic non theology ethics. I suggest: don’t murder, torture, rape. Do help others when feasible, sensible, practical, and fun.

If the children ask where we came from, they will not be told “god.” They will be told

Your purpose in life is to figure this out.

Once in a while one of the humans will violate the ethical rules. The androids will eject the human out the airlock and all the other children will get to watch what happens to a human exposed to space through a giant window.

How soon until the isolated humans invent a god?