The Best Christians I Know Are Jews
Shannon Ashley

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Shannon Ashley

The Best Christians I Know Are Jews

I am a 74 year old USA born Jewish ethnicity fervent atheist.

I was born in Chicago, USA. When I was four years old, my parents fled to the tiny California, USA town of Los Angeles [1948]. Later I met my grandparents and uncles an aunts and realized why my parents were so eager to get out of town. A couple of my relatives are geniuses. Quite a few of my relatives (including two of my four siblings are seriously mentally ill.) Not a joke.

Seriously mentally ill. One is schizophrenic and bipolar and psychotically . Joel is more intelligent than I am. His wife told me he fooled all is psychiatrists into thinking he was sane until she threw a hissy fit and told them he was having long conversations with himself (talking to his demons and answering as the demons).

One of my sisters is such an irritating narcissist, it must be a miracle (she is a Christian who thinks Christ prays to her for guidance on running the universe) that no one has not murdered her yet. Finally, the church in Southern California that sheltered for years threw her out and now she is homeless. The miracle is that no one has murdered her yet.

In my not very humble opinion, there is not a shred of empirical evidence for the existence of god. I became an atheist at ten years old from reading the entire Bible. Childishly I decide it was a fairy tale. My father forced me to go to Synagogue at age 10. I met Holocaust survivors, with Nazi concentration camp tattoos, I was taught to hate Arabs, Palestinians, Iranians, and to feel contempt for the Reform Synagogue across the street from the Orthodox Synagogue I attended.

I have studied religions all my life. I see no difference between any of them and believing that Santa Claus is a real god who lives at the north pole and flies through the sky on Christmas on a sleigh pulled by holy caribou.

I was told that the formation of Israel was a great triumph for the Jews.

Given the constant warfare between Israel and its neighbors — how is this a triumph? One of my neighbors where I live on Whidbey Island, WA state, USA, is a Sioux Indian [native American] a descendant of famed Sioux war chief. Crazy Horse. My neighbor is a very nice guy and a zealous Lutheran.

He was horrified to learn that I am a Jewish atheist, and while neither of us smokes, peace pipes or any other kind, we have made peace. He has more claim to the USA stolen by Columbus and his Christian imperialist buddies than the Jews have to Israel.

Seriously, religion is all about wanting to live forever. Religion does some good and a lot of bad. I would be surprised if the USA, and the entire Homo sapiens species does not exterminate itself by the end of this century.

Nuclear warfare, engineered plague, global warming, overpopulation — take your picks of why and how we may commit species suicide.

Shannon if your peculiar religious mashup inspires and comforts you, that’s fine.

I think a species that has just decided we are a species and not particularly a race or a religion or a political ideology needs all the intelligence and rational thinking we can muster.

As politely as I can I urge you to join the rational team trying to save our not very admirable or likable species’ sorry asses.

Art courtesy the Economist.

Trump worships himself and knows less than I do about religion and faith. The Kim family has made up their own God-King religion called Juche.

It’s all nonsense. Please endorse rational thinking.