Gay, Straight, or Bi. Because there’s only three choices, right?
Destiny D. Wilson

Responding to Destiny Wilson

Think about 7.5 billion humans. We all of us have a problem.

We are animals who know we will die. Humans evolved 250,000 years ago and became self aware.

Living in Africa, hunted by lions, leopards, crocodiles, and each other

We invented religion.

If you think we have souls and spirits, stop reading. Because it is nonsense.

There is no purpose to life. We are products of nature (genetics) and nurture (our environment and life experiences). We are a social species.

For most of us our genetics tells us:


Species that don’t mate die out. It’s called evolution. When we are young, for most of us mating feels good. Orgasms are nature’s way of saying

Don’t let your species die out. The impulse is so strong, we mate with men, we mate with women, we masturbate. None of it is wrong.

Sensible rules, guidelines are

Consenting adults. Don’t make babies you can’t take care of and don’t want. Our planet is overpopulated. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

You sound to me like a sensible and ethical young person.

I am 73 years old.

I spent years trying to figure out a objective basis for ethics.

You probably have one. If not, try this out, at least until you get your own:

Don’t murder, rape, or torture. Do help others when practical, feasible, sensible, and fun.

I don’t like being old. My wife of 52 years think’s it is terrific.

I look forward to reading what you have to say. Please be interesting and entertaining.

I have two requests, both silly and impractical.

I will start with the silly one.

With 7.5 billion humans on planet earth, we make too much noise and we listen to each other too little. I am proposing for next year (when I will be 74 years old, if I live that long) that planet earth celebrate 24 hours of International Homo Sapiens Silence.

Start this way. On January 1, 2018, practice one second of silence. Anybody can do that. Also get two friends (in real life, not this silly on line communication) to go along with this and each spreads it to two friends.

It goes 2 seconds on January 2, 4 seconds on January 3, 8 seconds on January 4, 16 seconds on January 5. Your friends spread the meme in a similar fashion. Ask your math teacher to explain how long it will take you to get to 24 hours of silence all over planet earth on the last day of 2018. If you want to have sex (quietly) on December 30, 2018 or just want to meditate (quietly) I won’t tell you want to do! Everyone else does, I bet!

That was the first request. The second is really silly. I’ve probably bored you to tears. Oh, by the way. My email is I read my spam folder and I don’t spam in return.

I live on an island near WA state, USA, probably a long way from you. My wife and I, have been married for 52 years and we never fucked anybody else. We have one daughter, who is a married lesbian. With a 13 year old daughter.

Anyway, I am looking for someone to inherit our five acre farmette (very wooded, large fenced garden, chicken house, chicken run — empty at the moment because my wife is tired of outliving her hens).

A married lesbian near our island was all enthusiastic and then backed off. The chances of this being interesting to you are less than zero. But who knows. It might be a good place to live a celibate life. We have a lot of birds, chipmunks, squirrels, occasional deer, occasional coyote, occasional raccoon.

I am boring and bored. I am following you. Please be interesting. Please make an interesting destiny.