Goodbye Heterosexuality!
Taryn De Vere

Responding to Taryn De Vere’s

Goodbye Heterosexuality

Humans are products of evolution and the first animals to be inventing ourselves as a new form of life, one never before seen on our planet.

Unless, we first destroy ourselves. Intelligence may not be, in the long run, a trait that helps us a species survive.

As animals, we obey two imperative drives, imprinted on us by evolution.

Survive. Pass on Genes

In the earliest days of evolution, humans barely survived. Nearly naked apes living in tribes of 150 people (maximum) in Africa, with predators such as lions and leopards not living in zoos but hunting us for breakfast and dinner and lunch snacks, with few natural defenses (look in the mirror and imagine defending yourself with those teeth and those fingernails against a lion’s fangs and claws). We hunted elephants who stomped us and tossed us and hippopotamuses who dragged us under to share with giant crocodiles.

We fucked like bunnies because if we had 10 children maybe two would survive and when we were toothless aged relics at maybe 35 years of age, one child might care for us enough to feed us in the cave where we cowered and shivered.

Now we have 7.5 billion humans when our ecosphere can support what?

I am old and past the point where I can get the faintest glimmer of my once brainless heterosexual human lust.

I could die at any moment from a heart attack or a stroke or just boring myself to death by listening myself think.

What makes us different from all the other animals who communicate? We talk. We jabber. We never shut the fuck up.

As I crawl toward my extinction has a 73 year old human, I suggest as a first step toward saving our sorry asses, we shut the fuck up. I read your article. I endorse your sexuality, whatever it is, as long as you don’t make babies.At least no more than 2 at most. One is better. One is the new fine.

Please support my proposal for an international 24 hours of silence on December 31, 2018. Sound impossible? Of course it is, but just imagine.

Start with one second of silence on January 1, 2018. Then get two friends (as you take a break from polyamorous mating) and have them start exponentiating their fuck friends until by the last day of next year silence falls across all of planet earth. Two seconds on January 2, 2018. Four seconds on January 3.

Then the last day of 2018. As Hamlet ends.