The Joy of Self Pity


Do not tell anybody, I am writing a book singing the joys and ecstasies of self pity.

If you have never wallowed in self pity, are you not lying to everyone here? Please send me a shareware contribution and I will burn one copy of my manuscript in my fireplace the next time the power goes out on Whidbey Island and I will admire your ability to lie in proportion to your contribution.

If you admit to experiencing self pity, I will send you a copy of my manuscript. If you want it in email, you will get it free. The empathy and sympathy you get will be in direct proportion to your shareware contribution.

There is a midterm election on today. I am thinking evil thoughts about Donald Trump. I am thinking even eviler thoughts about Mike Pence.

That’s enough evil for one day. Follow me on Medium. Like me. Or don’t.